How to: Create a follow up message

An effective way to increase the number of people that complete your survey is to create a follow up message that goes JUST to the people who you originally asked to fill in the survey but have NOT completed it yet.


To do this follow the following process:

1) Select Opinion Gathering > Campaigns

2) Select the "Recipient List" icon next to the Campaign that you want to follow up on.


3) On the pop up screen, click the "Include" button for the "All users who have not answered the survey yet." option.


4) This will load the Recipient List with only the users from your original message who have not yet started to fill in the survey.  An extra button appears when this process is followed, click the green "Chase these survey users" button.


5) The next screen enables you to create a message to be sent to those users to ask them to complete the survey.


6) Suggested text to base your message upon

Tip, this includes the mail merge code which you can copy or create yourself using the mail merge function, indicated above by the red arrow.


This is a quick note to let you know that our survey: SURVEY NAME closes in X days.

According to our records, we have not had a response from you as yet?

Your feedback and opinion is really important to us and we do not want you to miss this opportunity to provide your input.

Please take a moment over the next few days to click the button below and complete the survey.

​Best regards



i) If people followed a direct link to the survey at some stage and did not use the same name, postcode and email address the system will not have matched them so they may be included in this list. 




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