How do I Know an Alert Message is Genuine?

Whatever type of message you receive, from whichever Information Provider (message sender), all Alert emails you receive will have common factors, as detailed below using example screenshots.


All Neighbourhood Alert messages are sent from


The subject line will be the subject given by the message sender, followed by the date and time the message was sent and then the Alert message ID, as per the above screenshot



First logo showing on the email – the site you joined:

The first banner showing at the top of the message, whoever it comes from and whatever the subject, will ALWAYS be the banner of the website through which you joined; in the example below this is “In The Know Surrey and Sussex”, but could be the national Our Watch, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland or Neighbourhood Alert sites, or one of the regional sites such as Cumbria Community messaging or Thames Valley Alert. 3.jpg

2nd logo showing on the email – organisation who sent the message:

Whichever site you joined through the 2nd logo will always be that of the organisation sending that particular Alert message, in this instance, Sussex Police.


Message Information:

Displayed underneath the website and Information provider logos you will see an icon showing the type of message that was sent (in the below example “Crime Update”) and the priority / urgency of the message – priority 5 in this example.

To the right of the message type icon you will see the message subject.



Foot of the message:

As you can see below, there is text showing which administrator sent the message, the organisation they represent (the Information Provider), their rank or role and the area they represent. 6.jpg


Whoever sends the message, there will always be several buttons / links towards the foot of the Alert enabling you to reply direct to the message sender, rate the message access your account, change your settings or report a fault.

On most messages you will also see the “share” button / link which enables you to forward the message to your contacts in a secure manner.

Please note that if the message was sent only to certain recipients and not displayed on the Alert websites, facebook or twitter pages, the “share” function may not be available. 



Your account:

After messages have been sent you will be able to see copies in your member admin area (accessed via your “home” website). 8.jpg


If you would like reassurance on any message you have been sent, please contact our support team.


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