Can surveys be sent to anyone or just registered users?

Any Community View survey can be sent out to anyone, not just people who are signed up to Alert.  
In the campaign listing, where you see the results, you will see a small "Facebook" icon, if you click this it will show you the "Direct link".  You can send this out to anyone, by email or social media etc and those people can complete your survey.
When people click this Direct link they are taken to a start screen which will enable them to register, log in with Facebook or, if you have set the campaign to allow anonymous results, they can complete it anonymously.
Just to clarify, if people are signed up and you send the survey to them via a campaign message, a large survey button is inserted at the bottom of your message, which by-passes the start screen and takes them straight to the questions (because the system know who the user is).  The Direct link takes people to an initial page to see if they want to register, login or complete it anonymously.
If people enter their details and we find a match for them (name, email, post code), then we show a "Welcome back" page and match the answers to their Alert account.
You can find a couple of manuals and some further help in our Help Centre here:
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