How to send a message by text relay

The text relay service enables authorised administrators to send an email and text message out on the Alert system simply be sending a text message to the Alert text number.  The text message is converted to various formats and relayed to recipients without the need for the administrator to log in.

The message is delivered by email, SMS/text message and, where authorised by social media as well as being displayed in the latest alerts section on the local Alert websites.

Recipients of the message can reply to the message in the usual ways and, as well as the standard reply process the replies are delivered to the originating administrator's mobile phone by text message.

All messages are stored in the Message history section of the alert admins and can be managed from the main or Rapport admin screens.


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How to enable Text Relay for an Administrator

1) If you have super user privilages, go to Administrator Management > Edit > Full Admin editor

2) Scroll down the various permissions to the "Text / E-mail message relaying system" section (pictured below).

3) Enter the administrators mobile number in the box

4) Select a default recipient list from the drop down list.  This will be the default list that will receive messages by email & text if no other recipient list is defined (by using # and another recipient list number)

5) Save settings.

6) The administrator will receive a text message which explains (briefly) how to use the system, which number to text etc.




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