Creating A Team

Creating teams allows you to break the system up into "divisions". For example, if you had one team of people who need to monitor Football talk and another who needs to monitor a particular area then you can give them access to only certain twitter accounts.


To create a team, first of all use the menu in the top left hand corner and then teams.


Once the team page is open, you will notice there is a single team (for the manual, the group will be called "Root", this could be called anything for your own Social Sense system). If any teams have already been created, they will be underneath the very top team. To expand the team root, simply click the ">" symbol to open it up.


(and expanded also)


To create a sub team, click "Edit" next to the team you wish to create a child group for (in this demo case we have used "Root"). This could be any of the teams displayed to yourself. You could choose Root, Test, Test App User etc.


Create a new sub-team on the top right.


Give the team a name and click create.


You will now need to add some users to the team that can use the team. You can do this by either searching by name or clicking "show all" to show a drop down list of all users currently on the system. Click the "add" button next to any users you wish to add.


This then adds them to the team ready to use any social media accounts listed.


To add Social media accounts, it will have first of all needed to have been added to the system. Please see the "add a twitter/facebook account" guides if you have not already added them.


The adding of social media accounts to a team works the same way as a user. Simply search or click show all and add any accounts you wish to add.


Once you are happy with the team, go to the top right and click "create new sub-team".


To add another team, simply enter a new team name on the page you are taken to or use the "Back to list" or "Back to team" buttons to navigate from there.


The new team has been added to the main team.

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