How to access the Dashboard / Overview

To access the dashboard, use the menu in the top left corner and select "dashboard".


This will take you through to the dashboard page (as shown below).


The mentions column shows you whenever anybody mentions any of the twitter accounts that your team has access to.


Public messages displays any tweets that are visible to the public which were posted by any of the accounts accessible to your team.


Private conversations shows any direct communications (not visible to public) on either Facebook or Twitter via any of the accounts accessible to your team.


Facebook Feed like Public messages shows messages sent out to the public and also messages posted on the page from the public via Facebook. If you do not have any linked pages then this will be the Twitter Home Feed (all tweets from accounts you follow).


All of the above feeds are just the standard feeds. To customise this, please see the customisable tabs guide.


There are also a series of buttons across the top:



The "Search Twitter" button allows you to search for a particular Twitter account or phrase and do a one time search or even add another column for.


The "Search for Twitter Users" allows you to find Twitter accounts based on either a phrase or if you are searching specifically for an account.


TV View allows you to turn your screen into a live monitoring area.


Configure Tabs allows you to add multiple tabs so if you are monitoring one particular thing for example Football, you can add twitter accounts to a stream so that you can monitor everything that they post.


Manage Twitter Lists allows you to create the list of accounts so that you can configure the customisable tabs and monitor those particular accounts.

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