How to send a message via SMS.Social

Before you are able to use SMS.Social, your organisation must have agreed an SMS rate which will then allow you to use the SMS.Social method of sending.


To send a message via SMS.Social you will need to first of all verify your mobile number on your account.


Once the number has been verified, you will be able to text a message to 07860077314 with your message to upload it.


Once you have sent your message, you will receive a link by text asking you to click to continue the sending process. Within this link you will be asked to select the accounts you wish to send by and attach any attachments. To send to all, simply type !Send before your message.


Click on the link in the text to continue sending. Ensure the text is correct. If you wish to add attachments, click "Add attachments" and then select the images/videos you wish to add.


Select the accounts you wish to tweet it from and then click send.


You will then receive a confirmation message letting you know that your tweet has now been posted and is available to view on the full Social Sense dashboard.

Note: The time you have between sending your initial text and completing the process will expire so if you take too ling you will receive an expired message warning.



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