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Neighbourhood Alert RSS Feed Options

Standard Feed

A standard feed of all alerts (that have been made public) is available at

This includes the up to 15 Alerts from any Information Provider at any location sent within the last 90 days.

 Adding an RSS feed to Outlook

If you want to add this RSS feed to your outlook, to receive the updates directly into your inbox, this can be done as below:



If you navigate to the RSS feeds option, in the inbox section, then right-click this, then select 'add new RSS feed'. You will see an option to input a URL. As below:


This will allow you to input any URL for the RSS feed that you wish to add.

Advanced API RSS feeds:

Want something more specific?  If you have Beat/Ward pages on your website and want to instantly show the messages that your organisation (only) has sent to people in that area, this can be done easily. 

See an example of individual Ward/Beat pages on Humberside Police ward pages: 

In this case VISAV Provided an individual feed for each ward in the force area and the web design company integrated the feeds into each page.


Please examine the components that you should include in your feed from the list below. 


Example feed


Start of feed: 
All feeds start with this and this code on its own will return the last 15 propagated messages from any area, provider or force

Information Provider
?IP=20 (This example only returns Police messages (idx 20))
You can have one Information Provider (IP) or leave this component out and it will return all Information Providers.

Information Provider idx examples.
  • Local Police = 20
  • NHWN & Neighbourhood Watch Scotland = 1
  • Crimestoppers = 10
  • Fire & Rescue Services = 3
  • Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner = 28
  • Trading Standards = 21
  • Local Authority = 27
  • Environment Agency = 29
  • British Transport Police = 36

By area
This refines the messages to only include messages sent to users within a pre-defined polygon area such as a beat, ward, community or an entire Force area.

How to find the area id numbers

If you have access to your areas via a Neighbourhood Alert main admin screen, use the "Your Members" screen and select "All users by area".  If you hover over the view (eye) icon the alt text will show you the area id.


If you do not have access to this admin, please refer to this extensive list. To make your life easier with this list, we recommend you download the data-set from the bottom of the page so you can search for a specific area.

By Portal/Website
&Site=53 This filters all messages to only include ones that have been sent out from a particular website admin area

Example site numbers:
  • Bedfordshire Fire = 126
  • Beds Police Alert = 166
  • Cheshire Police Alert = 94
  • Cleveland Connected = 132
  • Cumbria Community Messaging = 53
  • Derbyshire Alert = 83
  • Dorset Alert = 130
  • eCops (Cambridgeshire) = 108
  • Gloucestershire = 186
  • Hampshire Alert = 134
  • My Community (Humberside) = 188
  • In The Know (Lancashire) = 137
  • In The Know (Surrey) = 170
  • In The Know (Sussex) = 169
  • Isle Of Wight Alert = 161
  • Keep In The Know (Durham) = 163
  • Lincolnshire Alert = 54
  • Neighbourhood Alert = 20
  • Neighbourhood Link = 28
  • Neighbourhood Watch (England & Wales) OurWatch = 20
  • NHW Scotland = 91
  • Northamptonshire Community Connect = 81
  • Nottinghamshire Alert = 33
  • Notts Watch = 87
  • Rail Watch = 123
  • Scottish Borders Alert = 133
  • South Yorkshire Alerts = 187
  • Thames Valley Alert = 85
  • Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging = 135
  • Your Community Alerts (Gloucestershire) = 186
  • Your West Cheshire = 122


Example RSS Feeds

Neighbourhood Watch messages to an area:
This example shows messages sent by “Neighbourhood Watch” (IP=1) from “” (Site = 20) to “Nottinghamshire” (AreaIdx=221)  

Other data within the feed
Within the RSS feed Nodes within the RSS feed will enable you to locate more information about each message including:Other data within the feed
Within the RSS feed Nodes within the RSS feed will enable you to locate more information about each message including:

  • Information Provider Name:
  • Message Type: ​
  • Message Icon image: ​​​(provides a link to the .jpg message image)
  • Message Title:


Example feed integrated within an Alert site:

This page on the Humberside Alert portal shows all alerts sent to anyone in the defined Hull area:

Note how we include the Message Type Icon to show at a glance the urgency (colour) and general message theme.

If you click on one of the areas shown on the map, this will link to the Humberside Police individual ward (beat) page where RSS feeds are being added to instantly show the Alerts relevant to each area.


Example RSS feed and code required


Insert this script into the HTML on your site: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Embed our Twitter Feed

The following Twitter "Widget" can be customised and inserted on your website.  If you would like to do this, click the "Embed" link underneath to customise this tool and create the insert code

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