Changing the amount and types of Alerts your receive

If you feel you are receiving too many messages or that some are not relevant to you, the Alert system provides a quick and easy way that you can filter the messages that you receive.


At the bottom of all Alert emails you will find a "Settings" button (assuming you download our safe and beautiful button images).  This takes you immediately to a quick access screen which enables you to update some of your settings without having to remember passwords and log in.  Any changes you make need to be confirmed by clicking a link in an email sent automatically to your registered email address.


1) Click the red "Settings" button at the bottom of any Alert email sent to you:




2) This will open a secure (encrypted) web page, on this settings page, check the name written in the red box and type your full name in the text box next to it (highlighted below in red).



3) Check which licenced organisations (Information Providers) are currently able to see your information on the Neighbourhood Alert system and un-tick or add as you require.  Further information regarding each Information Provider can be seen by clicking the "More Info" links.  You can also change the Priority/Urgency level of messages that you are prepared to receive but this only applies to Voice and text messages (not email).



4) This is the really important section.  As any Alert is created to be sent out, it has to be linked to a "Message Type", on this section you can decide which message types you want to recieve (or not).  Simply un-tick any that do not apply or interest you.



5) Compact emails: You can choose to have your emails sent in a more compact format which will strip out most of the format and images.  If you would prefer this option, tick the box in section "D".  (You can turn this off again at any time.)

6) Unsubscribe: If you have visited this page to unsubscribe from all Alert messages from every Information Provider, simply tick the "Yes" option in section 3 (shown below).  Please note, if you are unsubscribing because you have moved elsewhere in the UK, please bear in mind that the Neighbourhood Alert system provides UK wide coverage via Action Fraud and is used by most of the UK Police services.  rather than unsubscribe, please log in and update your address and you will continue to recieve the free service.




7) Please take a moment to help us understand why you are making the changes and add a few words in section 4 (shown above) to describe why you are making the changes.  (e.g. I don't want traffic alerts)


8) Click the large grey "Submit" button (shown in red above), to submit your changes.  The screen will change to a confirmation message.



9) Within a couple of minutes (max), you will receive an email confirming your request (shown below), you will need to complete the process by clicking the link within this email (Shown in red below).  This is to confirm that it is you that requested the changes and not someone that you may have forwarded the email to.


If you do not receive this email within a maximum of five minutes, please check your spam and/or junk email folders for the email.  If it has still not arrived, please contact us on either 0115 9245517 (office hours) or email and list the changes you require. 







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