Linking your Facebook Page to Social Sense



The first step is to go to "Social Media Accounts" and then click on "Facebook Accounts"

Next click on "Authorise new Facebook User"

This will open a pop up that will ask you to log in to your Facebook account through your Social Sense account.

Once you have logged in, accept all of the permissions that Social Sense asks Facebook for, we will never ask for any information that we don't use.

After this you will be taken back to Social Sense where your Facebook User will now show under "Existing Facebook Users"

Click on the number (The number corresponds to the number of pages being managed by the account) and under the "Monitored" column, click on the "No" to toggle whether the page is managed through Social Sense or not. The difference between a Facebook "Page" and a Facebook "User" is that you need a Facebook user account in order to manage a page, this is because on Facebook you cannot create an account that is purely for the purpose of being a Page, you have to create a user and then create a page that is managed by that user.

However, not all pages need to be managed by Social Sense as you can individually select which pages want to be monitored and which don't.

Once this has been done, on the Dashboard (Under the Facebook Feed) you should be able to see your Facebook feed.

Whilst you can now see your FB User and any Pages, you will still need to add them to a team in order to let anyone else see them. In order to know how to do this, click here.

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