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Do you really want to unsubscribe?

This may seem like a silly question if you are trying to unsubscribe but sometimes we have found that the reasons people give for needing to unsubscribe can be solved by changing a few settings.

Is your reason for unsubscribing one of the following?

You are moving house

The Alert system is a national system and can provide messages for every area in the UK.  Over twenty Police forces use the system and national services like Action Fraud and Neighbourhood Watch provide messages to all areas on England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you are moving out of one Police Force area but remaining in the UK, simply update your address in the Member Admin area and you will start to receive messages relevant to your new location.

You can also email and ask us to update your address.  We can also change the website that your account is associated with to a new one relevant to your new location.  To change your website, include this request in your email.

You don't want messages from a particular Information Provider

You can instantly change which Information providers can send you information and remove any of them.  This means you do not need to unsubscribe from the entire system if you simply want to stop messages and no longer share your details with the Police, Neighbourhood Watch or any other Information Provider.

To review and change who can see you, click the "Change Settings" button which appears at the bottom of all Alert emails or log in to the Member Admin area and visit the Edit Your Details section

You are receiving irrelevant messages

If you find you are receiving messages that aren't relevant to your needs or interests, you can amend your message settings as necessary. if you find that messages from a particular Information provider are not required, you can remove that Information provider for the list of organisations which can see you and send you messages. If there are certain types of message you don't wish to receive (eg. business burglary alert / meeting notifications / surveys), you can simply untick these in the "message types" section. 



Still want to unsubscribe?

If you so still wish to unsubscribe, click on "change settings" at the foot of any Alert email you have been sent and scroll down to section 3. Click in the "yes, unsubscribe me from everything" box and write why you wish to unsubscribe in the next box. Click "submit" and your unsubscription will be completed.


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