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Why update your Community Interests?

The selections you make when you register, when answering some survey questions and when you log in to the Member Admin area have a direct impact on several things.  Messages are often sent to members of specific groups, if the police know that you are for example a farmer, own a dog or regularly ride a bike this can influence the messages that are sent to you.

It is important to send relevant messages to members and not overload them with everything, therefore the more information we can securely store about you, the more targeted and relevant the Information Providers can be with their messages to you.

Some of the interest groups will affect other information that you may be asked for and influence operational policing in your area.  

If you mark that you operate CCTV cameras then we feed this information in may areas directly to front line police so they can ask you if you have any footage that may assist in an enquiry.  This saves a lot of time and money when trying to locate evidence.

Dog walkers are a great resource for noticing and finding things.  many forces are building up databases within Alert of dog walkers s they can quickly ask you if you have seen anything when out and about.

We are also building up a register of people that may be able to help during environmental disasters, severer weather and other community problems.  People that drive 4x4 vehicles, manage community centres and village halls or have first aid training are very useful contacts to have registered on Alert.



How to update your interests

1. Ensure you are logged into your account.


2. From the menu on the left hand side, select the "community interests" option.


3. Click the view/close buttons to expand an area of groups, and then use the tick boxes to select them. Once you have chosen the interests, click the "save community interests button".


Please note: Depending on which site you are logged into, there may be an "advanced view" button. Clicking this will display more options of interest groups.


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