Adding a Scheme to a Co-ordinator and Approving

To add a scheme to a coordinator and approve them, you will first of all need to ensure you are logged in and on the home screen. You can then follow the following instructions:


  1. Click on "scheme overview" under "action list".
  2. Click the green "+" until you find the area you want coordinators for.
  3. Click "list" next to the area.
  4. Find a coordinator without a scheme and click "add scheme"
  5. Once you are on the pop up, enter a name for your scheme and fill in all of the relevant details.
  6. Use the "jump to location" box to find the area you wish to create the scheme for.
  7. On the map, click "add points" click point by point the area in which you wish to change the map to. Please note that the points WILL NOT display until you have drawn the map and clicked save points.Click "Save Changes".
  8. Click save changes once you are happy with the scheme.
  9. The coordinator will need to be verified by The Neighbourhood Watch, they will be assigned as the lead coordinator of the newly created scheme automatically.
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