KPI Reports

Key performance indicator reports (KPI report)

Multi Scheme Administrators will receive the KPI report at the beginning of each month as a PDF. The report will be relevant to the area you have been given access to on the system and will be for the previous month.

This report was agreed by the Neighbourhood Alert Development Board and contains statistics covering lots of elements of the system such as growth and engagement. For the purposes of MSA's we have produced the following video explanation which highlights some of the figures within the reports which will assist in identifying areas which need your assistance.

You can see an overview of an example report which contains explanatory text for each field here.

Any suggestions, bugs or comments should be emailed to the specific feedback email address:

Please view the video below this may be best viewed on a mobile or a tablet if you are unable to view this video, you can use the link below to view it on another service.


Video not displaying? Click Here to view on another service.

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