Message types and icons

When a message is sent the sender has to select a "Message Type" from a list.


Each message type has a small "Icon" associated with it.  These have been created in collaboration with several of our police partners via a development process reviewed by the Alert Development Board.

The icon background colour is selected based on the message priority that is set by the sender when the message is sent.  This starts as green and gradualy changes to red (Priority one).

Where are the Message Icons used?

The message icons are used on sites that list the latest messages to be sent such as:

A small version of the icons is shown in the small "Widget" that shows the last four messages that have been sent, such as on the right hand margin of

The icons are also displayed at the top of the new Alert email templates.

The icons are included in all tweets sent by Alert to force twitter accounts and the main Neighbourhood Alert twitter account:


The Message Icon Range

A full list of the current message icons can be viewed here:

Neighbourhood Alert Current Message Icons


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