How To: Manage Pending Deletion Users

A “pending deletion user” is a user who was previously either a pending or suspended user, who has then been marked for deletion by an administrator.
Users who are pending deletion are not able to receive regular Alert messages or log in to their accounts.
To see any users pending deletion in your area, log into your account and ensure that you are on the home screen.
On the centre menu is a yellow section called “Action List”. This is the section where you can address issues which are preventing registered members from being able to receive messages.
There is not a direct shortcut to the “pending deletion users” on the Action List, but it can be easily accessed.
Click on “pending users”:


This will bring up the list of pending users, on a page with tabs that take you to options for “suspended users” and “pending deletion”.
Click on the “pending deletion” tab.


If there are any users pending deletion on your Alert site, a list will be displayed (headed “pending deletion”) of people who currently fit that description.
The list is ordered with the most recently registered at the top of the list and shows the person’s name, number of days suspended and how many days it will be until they are removed from the system:


If you wish to see the user’s details, you can click the “eye” symbol to be taken to their “full user editor”:


From there you will be able to see the person’s details.

If you think they may still wish to be on the system you can go to the “email details” section and trigger a new verification email to be sent to the person – their email address can be verified and their account activated at any point prior to its deletion.


If you think the user details should be removed straight away, click the “eye” symbol to go into their account, scroll down to the “Account status” section and click the “delete user account” button – you will be prompted to leave a note as to the reason for the removal.


If when you first click on the “pending deletion” tab no users are shown, you can check that there really aren’t any visible to you by clicking on “switch to geographical view”. You will then be able to see users in your area who may have registered on sites other than the one you administer.


Clicking the “switch to geographical view” button will bring up a screen showing the largest area your administrator account is set to cover; this may be anything from a single beat area to force area or even national.
Drill down to your chosen area and click the “eye” to its right.


If there are any users pending deletion in your area the list of people will be displayed as before, but this time split first by the Alert website on which they are registered.
You can then view the users’ information or immediately delete them from the system, as above.
If you simply view the information on the “pending deletion” page but do nothing, the users will be removed from the system as per the stated timescale.

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