Managing Scheme Membership

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At the bottom of the 'Scheme Administration' Screen

Click the 'Check your scheme membership' link


(This option is also accessible via the menu)

The Scheme Membership screen shows:
  • A map of the scheme with pins showing members
    (hover over a pin to show member name and role within the scheme)
  • A list of the scheme members
There are three actions the coordinator can carry out with regard to an individual member:
1 – View a Member’s Details

By clicking a member’s name, the scheme coordinator can view a scrollable pop-up window which identifies the member’s address and contact information.

2 – Change a Member’s Role

By clicking a 'Change role' link, the scheme coordinator can amend / update a member’s role within the scheme. The three options are:

  • Member of Scheme
  • Scheme Deputy
  • Scheme Co-ordinator

Select the appropriate radio button then click the 'Update role' button.

3 – Remove a member from the scheme

By clicking a 'Remove' link, the scheme coordinator can delete a member from the scheme. This action has a safety net, in that a pop-up window appears asking for confirmation.

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