Scheme Emails



Preceded by scheme administration overview


At the bottom of the ‘Scheme Administration’ Screen

Click the ‘Scheme email’ link



On this screen you presented with a list of recent received messages along with an option to create a new message.

Clicking the ‘Create a new message’ link brings up the ‘Compose an email’ screen which we will use to send a welcome message to the new member.

Create the email then scroll down the screen to select Kevan Goddard as the recipient.


Once you are satisfied (and have double checked everything!) click the ‘Send Email’ button.

You will see a ‘Mail sent’ confirmation screen.

Clicking the ‘< Go Back To Previous Message’ link returns you to the Scheme Email screen and shows the new message on top of your list of messages.

Use the Menu to return to the Scheme Admin Screen


Here is a copy of the email received by the new member.


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