6 - Ranking Question

Action Required

  •      Input ‘Question text’ into the box provided
  •      Select ‘Question type’ from the drop-down box

This question uses the next question type “Ranking” and the configuration used is shown on the next two pages.

Action Required

  •     Press the ‘Create question >>’ button


Question Text
Please put these issues in the order of your level of concern
Answer Options

  •      Burglary
  •      Theft from sheds
  •      Vehicle theft
  •      Vehicle damage
  •      Road safety
  •      Drugs
  •      Doorstep scams

Action Required

  •      Press the ‘Save question >>’ button

Page overview showing ‘Ranking’ Question added to page.
Action Required

  •     Press the ‘+ Create new question >>’ button to add the next sample question
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