Scheme Administration Overview


Scrolling down your home page underneath 'Your Details’ is the 'What To Do Next' section. Or, if you prefer, you can click the ‘Burger Menu’ button (top right of the screen) to access all the facilities on a single screen.



Several of the options are for your personal settings and are outside the remit of this guide (which will concentrate on managing your scheme).

Click the 'Scheme Admin' option …

Note: If, at any time, the menu is visible and you wish to hide it, re-click the ‘Burger Menu’ button (top right of the screen)

This takes you to your Scheme Admin screen.

From this screen you can:
  • Edit your scheme details (name, description and map coverage)
  • Manage your scheme members
  • Approve new scheme applicants
  • Manage Scheme emails (view previously received, create a new message)
  • Invite new members (to your scheme, to the system)


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