3 - Create Page for New Survey



The ‘Pages for Survey’ screen appears.
At this point, there are two valid options (see Tips):

  •      Change survey name
  •      Add page

Action Required

  •      Press the ‘+ Add page’ button


  •  Do not press the ‘Back to surveys’ button this will halt the create survey process. To continue (with this survey) you would then have to select ‘Edit an existing survey’ from the ‘Create a new survey’ screen and press the ‘Pencil icon’ adjacent to the survey
  •  Do not press ‘Finalise survey’ you will lock the survey without adding pages or questions!
  •  Do not press ‘Preview survey’ it has no pages or questions




A drop-down box appears with two requirements:

  •      Add a page title relevant to the questions on the page
  •      Add a description relevant to the questions on the page

Actions Required

  •     Enter an appropriate page title in the ‘Page title’ input box; this will be displayed at the top of the first page of survey questions.
  •     Enter an appropriate description for the page content the ‘Page content’ text input area. (Which will be familiar from using the ‘Create message’ option in the ‘Send messages’ area of the Administration area.)
  •      Press the ‘Create this page >>’ button



The drop-down box disappears and a new area “Existing pages” appears which lists the pages of the survey. In this example, the page just created is shown with its title and several options:


Options available:

  •  Change Survey name and / or

Survey category    

  •  Edit page title and / or description (pencil icon)
  •  Add / edit questions

(blue questionmark icon)

  •  Delete Page (waste bin icon)

    Action Required

  •      Press the blue ‘questionmark’ icon


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