13 - Community Membership Many Answers

Action Required
     Input ‘Question text’ into the box provided
     Select ‘Question type’ from the drop-down box

This question uses the last question type “Community Membership One Answer” and the configuration used is shown on the next two pages.
Action Required

  •    Press the ‘Create question >>’ button


The configuration page (for the ‘Community Membership Many Answers’ question type) has the facility to add up to twelve answer options, and carry out specific actions based on which answer(s) is/are selected. The images below show the first of the example answer options along with the configuration options available.
In the following example, if “Road Safety (Speed Watch)” is selected, the action is taken is ‘Add to Group’ (first drop-down box) with the target group being selected in the second drop-down box.



Action Required

  •      Press the ‘Save question >>’ button
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