14 - Survey Completed


All the questions for the sample survey have now been added. At this point the three buttons at the bottom of the “Pages for Survey ...” screen come in to play.
The three options are:

  •      Back to surveys
  •      Finalise survey
  •      Preview survey

The next step is to ensure that the survey layout is correct, this is achieved by previewing the actual message that will be distributed.
Action Required

  •      Press the ‘Preview survey’ button


The screenshot shows the top of the survey Introduction Page, the Page Title, Page Heading and the first two questions and the answer layouts. All the questions/Answers will be similarly displayed (for both pages).
At the bottom of the first page are buttons giving the option to either:

  •      Exit the Preview
  •      Preview Next Page


  • The logo shown in this example is for Neighbourhood Alert, your survey will show your portal logo.
  • At the top of each preview page is a pencil icon; clicking this takes you to a ‘Page Preview’ screen which will allow you amend questions, change question order and delete questions



At the foot of the first preview page ...
Action Required

  •      Press the ‘Next page’ button

After previewing page two, and making any necessary amendments, exit the preview ...
Action Required

  •      Press the ‘Exit preview’ button

This returns to the “Pages for Survey ...” screen, where we have the final two options for the survey:

  •      Back to surveys
  •      Finalise survey

At this point a decision has to be made:

  •  Is the survey ready to be completed - is the timescale known and has the audience been decided?

If the answer is YES, then ...
Action Required

  •  Press the ‘Finalise survey’ button which will take you forward to the final stages of creating a Campaign (see next page)

If the answer is NO, then ...
Action Required

  •  Press the ‘Back to surveys’ button which ends the process but leaves the survey ready to use at a later date (see ‘Using the New Campaign Wizard’) later in this manual

Once back at the survey screen exit the process by pressing ‘Admin home’ on the left hand menu.

Because finalising a survey locks all the survey questions - making further editing impossible - a warning screen appears.

  • Action Required
  •  Press the ‘OK’ button

This action takes you to Step 1 (of seven) of Creating a Campaign


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