How To: Change a User's Message Settings

Changing A User's Message Settings


This article explains how you can update a user's message settings via their account. Please note that there will be information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses present on accounts however it has been removed for use on the help centre.


Note: You can direct the end user to a simple way to update many of their settings, without even needing to log in, click here to see how.


From your administration area:


1) Click on "search for individual"


2) Locate the member you wish to edit the message settings for. You can search for them using their name, email address or postcode.


3) Click on "view" to open up their account.


4) Open up the full user editor use the "full user editor" button. This may ask you to confirm that you wish to do this.


5) Once in the full user editor, scroll down and click "View alert settings"


6) Once you are in the alert settings, you will be provided with the following screen:


On the right of the page, you are presented with a timetable of when you are allowed to be contacted via SMS or phone call as if it is late at night a user may not wish to be contacted.


To change information providers:


1) Scroll down to the bottom.

2) Select the information providers the user wishes to receive alerts from and deselect the rest.

3) Update the settings.


To update when a user can be contacted via phone:


1) At the top, select a day.

2) Scroll down and select what time of day a user can begin receiving alerts by phone.

3) Select what time the last phone alert must arrive by.

4) Select the message type.

5) Select the minimum priority a message must be for it to reach the users phone, 5 being the lowest and 1 being the highest.

6) If you wish to have the same settings for all days, click "store setting for all days" or if you wish to have it for just the day you selected then select "store setting".


If you are editing each days settings seperately, you must then scroll back to the top and select each day and follow steps 1 to 6 on "To update when a user can be contacted via phone:"








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