How To: Send User a Login Reminder

Send User's a Login Reminder


This article explains how you can send a user a login reminder via their account. Please note that there will be information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses present on accounts however it has been removed for use on the help centre.


From your administration area:


1) Click on "search for individual"


2) Locate the member you wish to send a login reminder. You can search for them using their name, email address or postcode.


3) Click on "view" to open up their account.


4) Open up the full user editor use the "full user editor" button. This may ask you to confirm that you wish to do this.


5) Once the account is open, scroll down until you find the login information.


6) Click "send login reminder"


Sending a log in reminder will send the user a reminder of their username and password, but will then ask them to change their password.

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