How To: Create a Question

There are several different questions types that can be used. For the purpose of showing how to create a question we will be using a multi-choice single answer question. Other question types (and how tos) can be viewed here

Action Required

  • Press the ‘+ Create new question >>’ button
  • Input ‘Question text’ into the box provided
  • Select ‘Question type’ from the drop-down box

Question types are shown/explained on pages xxx & xxx, and this example survey will use one of each question type to show both the configuration used and the final layout.
This question uses the first question type “Multiple Choice One Answer” and the configuration used is shown on the next two pages.
Action Required

  • Press the ‘Create question >>’ button


Question Text
How does being a member of Neighbourhood watch affect your feelings regarding local crime?
Answer Options

  • I am more concerned about local crime
  • I don’t feel any different
  • I feel a bit safer (being a member)
    • I feel much safer (being a member)


Action Required

  • Press the ‘Save question >>’ button


Question Preview is not available at this point; the above screengrab (and those for all subsequent questions) has only been included for informational purposes (screengrab taken at the end of the process not at the time of question creation).


Action Required

  • Press the ‘+ Create new question >>’ button (in the ‘Add question to page’ section of the screen) to add the next sample question
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