How To: View and Select Message Type

View and Select a Message Type

This section explains how to view and select a message type.


To view and select a message type for a message, you will first of all need to be on the message editor. Here is an example of how to get to the message editor from "How To: Send Message to Everyone in a Local Area".


From your administration area:


1) Select "Send To All"


2) Select "predefined area"


3) Select the area you wish to send a message, for example: Sherwood.


4) Scroll down and select "continue".


5) Enter a message subject and a message. Don't forget to select your organisation and the message type below also.


As you can see below, there is a drop down that says "information provider to send as", select the organisation you represent.


An example of this would be if the Police were the organisation. You will then be able to select the message type that corresponds with what the alert is about for example Arson Alerts.


Once the message has had the information provider and types selected and has been sent out, it will appear on the correct website alerts feed with an image that tells the readers what the alert is about and also the priority.

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