How to: Set up Group Chat

Any Neighbourhood Alert group (Dog Watch, Farm Watch etc) can have the facility to enable members of the group to talk to each other enabled.

This is particularly useful for small <20 groups of shop keepers or game keepers etc in a small area.  The system sends text messages and provides each member with a web-view of the chat from within their member admin area.

Text messages are billed to the Licensee and as each member of the group is sent a message sent to the central number by any of the members, the use of text messages can be considerable.

Authorised members of the activated group send a text message to the text relay number: 07860 022900 and it will bounce to each group member.

Each text includes the message, the senders details and a link to the web chat which is mobile optimised.

Download the Group Chat guide below for more information and contact to gain access to this facility.

The Group Chat Comparison explains the differences between the Group Chat facility and the Text Relay service


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