Can I receive alerts for other areas?

By default your messages will be sent based on your registered address.


You can add other locations such as a relative's or work address by using the "Other Alerting Areas" facility.

a) Log into the member admin area

b) In the main menu, click on "Alerting areas" within the "Message Settings section.  (This may vary in appearance from the image below but will be there.)


c) Your home address will be shown in the list, click on "Add new area"




   1) Add a short description of the new location you want to add

   2) Use the drop down list to select the type of area it is (Work, Relatives, other etc)

   3) Add a short description which will assist you when receiving messages for this area

   4) Enter the postcode or street name of the area you want to be alerted about and click search

The map will jump to the area you require, if it goes to the wrong area, check the postcode or use the street/road name, then a comma, then the city name (eg, Mansfield road, Nottingham).

    5) Zoom the map with your mouse wheel or the +/- buttons on the map until you can see the location you require, then click on "Place pin"


   6) The beat area containing the location you require will appear on the map.  You can re-locate the pin by using the "Re-place" pin if you require.


    7) When you are happy with the description and location click the "Save area" button


e) You will now have two locations in your list of alerting areas, you can add others if you require.


Please note, you can add alerting areas anywhere in the country but not all police forces use the Neighbourhood Alert system to send messages so you may not receive messages from all areas (yet).




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