15 - Sending Surveys: Campaign Wizard

Once you have created a survey and saved it you can use the Campaign Wizard to set the period it is live for, who mit will be sent to, create a direct link to it and to collate the results.

1) Select Opinion Gathering > New Campaign Wizard

2) Click the green "Get started" button


3) Set the dates for your campaign.  The campaign ends at 00:00 of the end day so set the day after you want the campaign to run until.


4) Check the anonymous box if you have questions in your survey that can be answered anonymously and you want to offer the survey to people to answer without registering.


5) On the next screen, select to "use a previously created survey" and a list of surveys will appear, select the one you want to use.

6) Click "Next" at the bottom of the list of surveys to proceed


7) Check "Select / create a recipient list to sent survey to" and click the green continue button.



8) Now load an existing Recipient List or select "All users by Area" to define a geographic area to send the survey out to.


9) When you are at the level that you want to send the survey request message to, click the "Recipient list" icon.


10) On the pop up window, select "Add to recipient list"



11) The Recipient List window will load and it will have an additional green "Survey these users" button, click this.


12) You then need to fill in the Thank you text that users will see when they have completed your survey.  Update this with suitable text including a link to a website that you want them to visit next.

13) Click the "Send survey notification" green button if you intend to send a message to people asking them to complete the survey (recommended).  otherwise the "Just trickle feed" button will make the survey live so any trickle fed questions will start to be delivered and the direct link will be active.



14) If you are going to send out a notification (and you clicked the green button above), you compose the message on this next screen.

Tip: it is a good idea to use the mail merge facility to personalise each email that is sent, this will increase the take up of the survey.  You do not need to include a link to the survey, the system will automatically include a large "Take the survey" button at the bottom of the Alert email.  you just need to include the text "Please click the button below to complete the survey".


15) Complete the email text and click "Preview", if you are happy, click send.


16) To view the survey results and to access the Direct Link to the survey which can be posted on other websites and social media, go to Opinion gathering > Campaigns and view the Current Campaigns tab:



17) When anyone has completed the survey a green "pages" icon will appear and give you access to the results so far.


19) To access the direct link to the survey, click the small Facebook link icon, this will expose the direct url which can be copied and pasted into a web browser or posted on Social media etc.



Further help

If you have any difficulties with the survey facility, please do not hessitate to contact support.  You can use the red "Chat" button to live chat or call us on 0115 9245517 during office hours.  alternatively email






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