How To: Create a Recipient List

Creating A Recipient List

This section explains how to do create a recipient list, save it, load it and then begin sending a message.


From your administration area:


1) Search for an individual to add to your recipient list by clicking on the "search for individual" button.


2) Locate the user you wish to add


3) Select the "add" button, this will open up a pop up. Select "Add to recipient list".


By adding a user to your recipient list, this will add them to the box at the top right of your screen.


4) Repeat steps 1 to 3 to continue adding members to your recipient list.


To save the list:


1) Click "save list", this will open up the following pop up box.


2) Fill out the information, select whether you would like administrators to be able to access the list and also whether you would like to be able to quickly access the group to send a message and then click save.


To load a list:


Click "load list" on the recipient list box.


Click "load list" next to the group you wish to load.


To communicate with the list:


1) Load the list you are wishing to send a message to.


2) Click "communicate with this list"


3) Enter a message subject and a message. Don't forget to select your organisation and the message type below also.


4) Select a message priority


Unless the message must go out urgently, do not select anything other than a message priority of 5.


If you click calculate recipients, this will tell you how many people this message will be sending out to.


5) If you wish for the message to be published to twitter accounts associated with your organisation then leave "propagate this message" selected. Otherwise deselect it.


6) Click on Preview message, and once you are happy with your message click send.


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