How To: Upload a File to the System

Uploading a File to the System

This section explains how to upload a file to the system. Please note that file and folder names and the uploader names have been removed for guidance purposes.


From your administration area:


1) On the tabs on the left, locate "Site Manager" and expand it by clicking on it.


2) Click on "File Manager". This will open up the following screen.


Once on this screen, you can either add a folder and add a file into the folder or add a file straight to the main folder. To make it easier to find your own files, it is recommended that you make a folder. You can make folders for several reasons such as the above.


To make a folder:


1) Click "Add Folder", this will then bring up a text box for you to fill out a name.


2) Choose a name for the folder that you will recognise, choose whether you only want administrators to be able to view the contents of the folder and then add it.


Once the folder has been added, it will appear as follows:


3) Click on the folder you have created and then click add file. Locate the file using the browser button and add it to your folder using the "add file" button. Once the file has been added it will appear as it does below:


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