How To: Create a Page in a Survey

Once you have created a survey, you will have set up your first page but can add others to break the questions up.

1) Select Opinion Gathering > Surveys > Click the pencil icon to edit your survey

2) To add a page, click the yellow "+ Add page" button.


3) Set a name and description for the new page. You will also need to change whether or not the page continues directly to the next page. Please see the note below.


NOTE: If you have questions on your new page such as for example "Do you lock your doors when you are in your home?" and each answer links to a different question on a different page, please set the Directly chain submit to page option to --Please select the page to chain to-- otherwise your survey will continue to the next page like normal.


Further help

If you have any difficulties with the survey facility, please do not hessitate to contact support. You can use the red "Chat" button to live chat or call us on 0115 9245517 during office hours. alternatively email

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