Can I reply or hear a Voice message again?

The Alert system uses a vary advanced telephone call management system that enables you to reply to voice messages and to call in and hear your messages again.


Replying to messages

At the end of each voice message an explanation is given as follows:

Press 1 to acknowledge receipt (tell us you received the message)

Press 2 to hear it again

Press 3 to record a reply

So, if you press number 3 on your telephone keypad at the end of the call, you will be asked to record a reply (after a beep) which will be delivered to the person and team that sent the message to you. 

You do not need to give your address or other details if they are still the same as your registered details as the officer will be able to see your details on the Alert system automatically, it is useful to confirm your name though.

Dialing in to hear your messages

If a user missed a call or their answer machine has chopped some of the message off, you can call the automated service back on the following number:

Local rate number: 0844 544 1884
Or call 1471 (BT line, missed call service)

As long as you are not withholding your caller ID, you will be able to hear the LAST FEW messages again and reply to them.

Note: The dial-in service only works if the user's phone line shows the called ID (it is not withheld).

User's Message Archive

Every user on the system has a "member admin" area that they can log into if they can access the internet from somewhere. 

If you log into the member admin area you can access an archive of all previous messages that you have been sent

See the section on Member Admin tools for more information about logging in



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