Alert training manuals

Linked below are a range of current and previous training manuals that are currently being re-written.  They provide an overview of the main administration area and common tasks.

Please download and use these as you see fit, they should be used in conjunction with the VISAV chat and telephone support service.  Click the red chat button or call 0115 9245517 (office hours) to receive live support.

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Current manuals

Rapport Quick Guide (Feb 2019): Simple quick guide to accessing Rapport and the main features of this admin area.

How To Guide (Jan 2016): Simple guide to 13 common requirements using full admin

User Dashboard Manual (Dec 2015): Comprehensive guide to the User Dashboard, selecting users, sending messages, creating lists and maps

Group Chat Guide (Aug 2016): A guide to setting up a restricted group that can text-chat to each other

Who can add Administrators (Sep 2016): How to see which Admins can add other admins and how to add that permission.

NPT Reports (Mar 2017): A guide to the various performance reports that can be created per area.  These include messages sent, costs, growth, satisfaction and much more.

Community Group Config guide (Aug 2013): Advanced function guide, configuring interest groups

PPT Admin Training Session (Mar 2012): Old but effective training presentation including guidance videos

Cambridgeshire Police PCSO Guide (Aug 2013) General training guide for PCSOs


Archived manuals (see attached below)

Briefing Session Guide (July 2014): Older but still useful guide with an overview and slightly more information regarding changing users settings, filtering recipient lists and other functions.

Notts Police Admin Manual (Jan 2014): Produced by Notts Police this has some outdated screens but contains a simple guide and useful content regarding responding to reported information

Admin Training How To Guide (Apr 2014): PPT version of TVP Admin guide





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