How To: Use Neighbourhood Alert To Send Out Twitter Updates

Use of Twitter by Neighbourhood Alert

As well as Alert messages being automatically turned into web pages which are shown on various websites, one of the ways in which you can further propagate or distribute a message you are sending is by posting the messages on Twitter.
If the `Propagate this Alert` tick-box is ticked when a message is sent, messages can also be `tweeted` automatically as they are sent out by the Alert system.

Why bother using Neighbourhood Alert to send my Tweets?

Better distribution/propagation: If a message is created in Neighbourhood Alert as an email and it is propagated, the Alert system automatically does all the work to create a web page dedicated to that message.  This page is available for search engines to find and for Facebook users to share and comment on.
Better messages: The message can contain images and a much fuller description than a 140 character Tweet will allow.
Faster: One message on Alert will do the tweeting for you, to multiple accounts and save the duplicated effort.
Better tracking: The propagation report per message tracks the penetration of your message through Twitter including all the accounts that Tweeted and re-tweeted the message.  This report also combines the website search engine traffic, text messages and email distribution, giving a complete picture of the distribution in one place.

What is the Propagate option?

Messages are only tweeted, shared on Facebook and publicised on websites if you tick the propagate option (shown left) when you are creating the message. 

Please note, this message is ticked by default, if you do not want your message to be distributed by these other means (test messages or messages being sent directly to specific groups and not suitable for further sharing) then you must remember to un-tick this option.

What is in the Tweet?

If the propagate tick box remains ticked when you create a message the message you create in the Alert system will be turned into a web page for your region and for each of the micro-sites in your area.  An automatic Twitter post is created which contains a short website link to this website version of your message.  The `Tweet` is `Tweeted` and recipients can follow the link to the web page version of your message.

An automatic link to the Twitter account used is placed at the front of the message and the Alert system can be configured to include any Twitter Hash tags that you may wish to use.

Example Twitter auto content with link to web version of a message:


Which messages are Tweeted?

Only Propagated messages are Tweeted

Which Twitter accounts can be used to Tweet a message?

1) All propagated messages are `Tweeted` on the main Neighbourhood Alert Twitter account: @alertmessages
and will also appear on the local / personal Twitter accounts related to the administrator, if they have been set up

2) An existing or new County or Police Force area based twitter account can be added to a portal so ALL messages sent (by your Information Provider) within that region ie, Derbyshire will be tweeted to that Twitter account i.e. @derbyshirealert

3) Each individual administrator can add their own (authorised) twitter account to their Alert account so their OWN messages will be Tweeted to their own Twitter followers (to save time in having to tweet it as well).


Add a County/Force wide twitter account to your portal

We can configure the settings for your portal so that all the Alert messages sent out from it will be tweeted not just on the national Twitter account but also your county`s / force`s account.

If you would like to do this please get in touch with the Alert support team at VISAV and we will happily set this up.


How to add an individual administrator`s own twitter account to their Alert account.

In order for an administrator to be able to propagate Alert messages they send to their Twitter account, they need to authorise / tie their Alert account to their Twitter account.

For an administrator to do this they should log in to the Alert administrator account and on the left-hand menu select `User management`.

Select the top option `your details`, where you will see your Alert administrator settings such as group represented, role, username and password as well as what you are able to do / see on the system.

If you scroll further down the screen showing your details you will see a section headed 'Authorise your Twitter account'.

Click on the 'authorise with Twitter' button and a new window / tab should open in your Internet browser asking if you wish to authorise Neighbourhood Alert to use your Twitter account.

Enter your Twitter username / email address and password in the appropriate boxes and click the 'authorise app' button to confirm your request; assuming you have entered your correct Twitter login details you should then see the webpage below confirming that you have successfully joined your Twitter account with Alert.


Next go back to Alert. Log out of your administrator account and then log back in; if you then go to 'your details' in the 'user management' area of the system and scroll down to the 'authorise your Twitter account' section, you will now see  that your account has been authorised for use with Twitter (as per below screenshot).

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