How To: Add individual areas to a recipient list

Adding Areas to a Recipient List

This section explains how to add an area to a recipient list. Please note, you may have less options visible to your account.


From your administration area:


There are 2 ways to access the areas:


Via Messaging:


1) On the taskbar at the bottom, select messaging.


2) Scroll down until you see "messaging options" and select "send to everyone in an area".

Via your members:


1) On the taskbar, select "your members".


2) Click "All users by area"


Both methods will take you through to the next steps:


1) Using the "+", find the area(s) you wish to add to a recipient list.


2) Next to the area you wish to add to a recipient list, select the "recipient list options" button, if you are unsure of what this button is please refer to the key at the top below the "all users by area" title.


3) Click "add to recipient list"


4) Once they have been added to the recipient list, it will add the area to the recipient list box and tell you the total number of recipients.


5) repeat steps 3-6 until you are happy with the recipient list you have created.


6) To save the list, click on the save list button and fill out the information required before clicking save list again.


7) You can see a recipient list you have saved by clicking "load list"


8) You can communicate with this list by clicking "communicate with this list>" and then "send to all matching".

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