Creating a Scheme

To create a scheme, you will first of all need to log into the same site that you signed up using and use to log in.


The site used in this guide is, if you signed up using a site such as cheshirepolicealert or bedsalert then you will not be able to sign into neighbourhoodalert.


1) Log into the site you would usually do so.


2) At the top, select "Scheme Admin"


3) At the bottom of the page will be the following section, click "Click here to start a new scheme"

Clicking "Click here to start a new scheme" will open up the following form.


4) To map the scheme, click the add points button. Once you have done this, click around the area that your scheme will be covering on the map. Click save points.


Your finished scheme map should have a blue area like the below example.


5) Once you have created the map, you now need to enter all of the relevant information for your scheme.


Once you have finished entering the details. Click the "create scheme" button.


Once the scheme has been created, you will be taken through to the following page:




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