Creating a Scheme

To create a scheme, you will first of all need to log into the same site that you signed up using and use to log in.


The site used in this guide is, if you signed up using a site such as cheshirepolicealert or bedsalert then you will not be able to sign into neighbourhoodalert.


Start by logging into the site you would usually do so.



Once logged in, scroll down your menu list until you find "Scheme Admin". This may appear differently between Alert sites.



In the "Scheme Admin" area, you will have a chance to search for nearby schemes, or to start a new scheme. In this guide, we are creating a scheme - so you will want to click to start a new scheme.


Clicking "Click here to start a new scheme" will open up the scheme creation form:scheme-creation-form.jpg

You can fill out this area accordingly. To map the scheme with the interactive map, start by locating your area. When you have found your area, click "Draw an area on the map":

For example, on the image below, I have clicked on the map at the left-end of "Hall Street" (adjoined to Mansfield Road) and then moved my mouse cursor over to the other end of Hall Street (next to Mansfield Street).

If I then click at this point (the other end of Hall Street, next to Mansfield Street), it will set another point. Now if I move my cursor to the opposite roadside, this is how it will look:

If I now click this point, and then move over to the other end of the street (towards the starting point), and click at that end, I have created a full rectangle as below:

This example would cover the "Hall Street" area. To end the area mapping, you simply need to click the "Draw an area on the map" icon to the left again. This should save the area and allow you to continue with your scheme details.


Your finished scheme map should have a green area like the below example.



Once you have created the map, you now need to enter all of the other relevant information for your scheme. Please note, a scheme website is optional.

Further down, you will be given the option to set your coordinator picture and bio.

 Your final steps are to configure scheme sharing permissions.

When you click the "Create Scheme" button at the end, the changes will be saved and you have now successfully created your new scheme.

Congratulations! Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch.

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