How To: Delete a user from Neighbourhood Alert

How To Delete A User From Neighbourhood Alert


First log in to your administrator account.

Click on “search for an individual” on the centre menu of your admin home page.


Search for the required user and click on “view” to the right of your name; this will take you into the user’s overview details.


Before you remove a user’s account you first need to check if they are attached to a NHW scheme on Alert. You can see this under the “NHWN scheme membership” header on their summary details.

If the user IS NOT attached to a scheme, you can remove them without further ado.


Click on “full user editor” to view the full user information for that person (a pop-up box will ask if you’re sure; select “ok”).


Scroll down the page to the “notes” section and add a note to say why you are removing the person – deceased / unsubscribe request etc

Just above the notes section is the “account status” section, where you will find the “delete user account” button.

 Click the “delete user account” button and then the “ok” button on the “are you sure” message that pops-up; the user will be removed from the system and you will then be able to carry on with any other Alert tasks or log out of the system, as required.


If the user IS attached to a scheme, they must be removed from the scheme BEFORE being deleted from the system.


To remove the person from the scheme, scroll down the “full user editor” page to the “administrator options” section.

You will be taken to the scheme management tools and the user’s scheme should be showing.


Click on the scheme name and the current members of the scheme will be displayed.


Click on the name of the person you wish to remove and click “remove from scheme” from the available options, then “ok” from the pop-up box which asks if you are sure.

The person will have been removed from the scheme and can now be removed from the system as a whole.

Once removed from the scheme, click the scheme name and the user will still be visible on the scheme management page, but now as being someone living within the environs of the scheme.

Click on the person’s name and you will be taken to their summary scheme; you can then progress to their “full user editor” to remove them.

If the person to be removed is not still showing when you have re-clicked on the scheme’s name, you can use the “search for users” option to find their account.

Once in the person’s “full user editor” you can remove them from the system as before.

If you find that you are not able to access the scheme management tools or delete a user account, please send an email to telling us the name and postcode / email address of the person to be removed and the reason for the removal and a member of our support team will be able to assist.


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