Uploading user data

If you have a spreadsheet or small database of users that you would like to import / upload to the system to save time in adding them to your distribution lists, we can enable this.

The spreadsheet attached to this article is an empty template which provides the fields required in order for us to import your user data.


Contact Us

Please contact VISAV support on 0115 9245517 (option 1) or to arrange a secure way to transfer this spreadsheet to us.  DO NOT EMAIL the spreadsheet to us as email is not secure and the data is sensitive.

We will guide you through a Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR compliant method to transfer the data to us and notify the people on your list that they have been added to the system.


Data Compliance Basics

It is important that you only add people that have a clear expectation that you will be adding them to an online mailing list. 

Please ensure that everyone is aware that after being imported they will be sharing their details with Neighbourhood Watch and the Police. 

Provide them with access to the registration terms and conditions

After being imported we will need to inform them what has happened with their data and explain how they can instantly remove themselves from the system.


How to complete the spreadsheet (common questions)

The spreadsheet is fairly simple, you complete one row per person.

We do not require a title or salutation, only "First Name" and "Surname"

DOB is "Date of birth"

Scheme details: Enter a 1 (number one) in the NHWN_coordinator column (N) and if you have further scheme details you will find the fields for the details in column BN onwards.

If you have contact group details, enter a 1 in any column that you wish each person to be placed within.


Private List

If you would rather have your data imported into a private list that only you can see then only complete the name and email address and make this clear when you contact us to arrange the import.



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