Manage replies as teams

You are hopefully aware that you can place administrators into “teams” which then means they can see (and deal with) replies to any of their team-mates messages.

All team members are sent an email notification if a reply is made to any team member’s message.  The notification details which team mate’s message was replied to, what the reply was, and provides a link to the log in screen to deal with it.

On “Rapport” admins that are in teams see a drop-down list in the “Your Messages” section, where they can select their own messages or the team ones.  In the main admin all replies are viewable.


Every three days an automatic email is sent to all administrators who have outstanding (un-closed) replies themselves or within their teams.  This notification shows the number of open replies per message and how old they are.


Note: If you are in a team, you can be confident that replies to your messages will be sent to and can be accessed by all your team members.  You do not need to direct replies to your SNT/NPT email address within the Alert email.

Note 2: Email is not secure, advising a citizen to email information to you regarding sensitive issues potentially puts them at risk as any email will typically travel through several third-party servers before reaching you and it leaves a footprint on the citizen’s device.  The Alert reply service is safe, encrypted, does not use third party servers and leaves no footprint.


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