Client Manuals and Resources

Manuals from other forces

Various police clients have created guidance documentation for the main admin, Rapport and other services.  These documents are often more relevant to policing issues and provide a different aspect that we are grateful to be able to share. 

If you have documentation that we could list here, please email it to and we will include it in this section.


Neighbourhood Alert

(awaiting documents)



Review document and manual for Rapport by Notts Police (Sept 17)

Digital Engagement guide for Neighbourhood teams by Gloucestershire Police (Feb 18)

The Gloucestershire guide is also available online here



Neighbourhood Alert enables the sending or scheduled newsletters that deliver missed messages and specific articles to individuals based on their interests, location and preferences. The news letter facility is included at no extra charge within the standard Alert tools.  Scottish Borders council are a regular user of the newsletter service and have produced this newsletter guide to show administrators how to use it.


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