How to: Set up a question with images on the survey tool

This guide will help you set up a survey question with images included.

Firstly, navigate to the survey tool page, and being creating a new survey:

Create the survey as you normally would (with as many pages as you wish) but for the question including the images, make that whole page relevant for the question (e.g. name the page the question):

Now, edit that image question(page):

Now in the "Page Content", this is where you will want to add the images. You can add individual images with the "Image" button on the editor:

Just be sure the images are in the file manager beforehand, as you will need to locate the images through the file manager.

Now the next part is a bit tricky, as you will need to edit the images to look "lined up". After a bit of editing, this is what I came up with:

From the beginning, I put in the 4 images:

I then highlight the images, and click "Center" on the text editor:

For the next part, I then add spaces between the images at the top:

I then press 'Enter' in between the second and third image which will push the third image to the next line:
​ >

I then go ahead and add the "A, B, C, D" above the images (this can be optional if you include the numbers/letters within the image). I then save the page.

Now, I edit the questions for that page:

You should now see the content for the page (which should show the images) and you will need to add a question to the page like so:

On the answer options, they should look similar to this:

You may wish to make this a required question:

Once you are happy with these options, you can go ahead and preview the survey to see how it would look. Here's how the one I made would look:

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