Accessing Local Issue Survey Results



Humber Talking Overview Development Summary


View Results & Send Messages by Issue

How to drill down to an area and view word clouds of results and maps of identified locations




Send a message based on issues raised

This method enables you to send a message based on the issues respondents have raised to any area and without having to use the map.

Follow up emails

If respondents to the survey identify any of the following issues, the system will automatically send a personalised follow-up email to them 24 hours later.

  • Anti-social behaviour - General
  • Criminal damage (e.g. graffiti, arson)
  • Cycle theft
  • Dog fouling
  • Drug dealing or Drug taking
  • Hate Crime
  • Noise disturbance
  • Nuisance motorbikes
  • Road Safety Issues

 The follow up email will ask them to provide an approximate location where this issue mainly occurs.


Example Follow up email



Location Screen








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