Dev Board Notification 22nd May

To Neighbourhood Alert Licensees


22nd May 2018


URGENT GDPR Regulations update

It’s now only 3 days before the new GDPR regulations come in to force and all at VISAV have been working hard to ensure everything is implemented in time.


New Registration Processes

All the Alert registration processes will need to be updated. Please see below links to the test registration processes - note that the list of Information Providers (IP’s) may differ from those on your actual site. The list will be the same as you currently have on your site, with the previously default IP’s being the recommended ones for new registrants.


Please test the new registration process by following the link below. Please note that if you complete the process you will be registered on Alert so add “test” to your surname so that we can delete the test accounts later.


·       New full registration process -  CLICK HERE

·       New quick registration (NOTE FIRST NAME MUST = TEST) – CLICK HERE

·       New manual registration form CLICK HERE 


Service Message

We have created a service Alert message to be sent to everybody on the database, advising of the IP’s who can see their data and send them messages. Recipients will have an option to edit their chosen IP’s and receive the new Privacy Statement. We will also need to contact everybody registered without an email by voice and text; these would be charged to you at the normal rate. Please find links to all documents below: -


·       Service Alert message to everybody – CLICK HERE

·       New web terms V7.0 CLICK HERE

·       New Privacy Statement CLICK HERE

·       New Privacy Policy CLICK HERE


Please could you make your 101 service aware that a national message is going out, as that may result in calls to them to confirm that the message is genuine.


Demographic Questions

Its important that under GDPR we do not collect information that we do not use. Could everybody please review the demographic questions asked during the registration process on your own portal. We should only ask for data that will be used, either for message targeting or for ensuring a representative database. After you have reviewed these questions please come back to us and advise if any of the questions are to be removed.


Administrator Management

Its also very important that the Super Users for each organisation work through the list of all their current administrators and remove ones that should no longer have access to the system. For help on this process please CLICK HERE.


We can offer you help with this by automatically removing anybody who has not logged in for 6 months; if you require this service, please let us know.



1.       Check new registration process.

2.       Review service message and advise 101 service that this is going out.

3.       Review demographic questions

4.       Review all administrators and remove those not required.



Kind regards


Andrew Sawford

Managing Director

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