Removal of Incommunicados 29th May

Removal of Incommunicados

At 15:00 on 29th May 2018, approximately 16,000 members were removed from the Neighbourhood Alert database.


What are Incommunicados?

Incommunicados on Alert are users who do not have a currently active method of communication.  These are people who we cannot contact remotely by email, voice or text message.  This can be caused by various reasons, with the most common being incorrect details causing a failure when a message is attempted to be sent.


Why remove them?

As part of the GDPR implementation we are removing any user's details who we cannot contact successfully.  This is considered to be a requirement of the GDPR process as we are unable to notify these registered users that we were storing their data on the system.

Every other registered member has been sent either an email, voice message or a text message.  See GDPR notification for details.


Current exclusions to the deletion

Neighbourhood Watch: After a request from Neighbourhood Watch, we have not removed any member who is marked as either a scheme Member or a Coordinator. This is because many members have registered in the past to record their scheme but have not necessarily added contact information. 

Neighbourhood Watch ( have given an assurance to us that they will communicate the need to update the contact details for Incommunicados to the local Associations ASAP.  We will look to remove the remaining Incommunicados by August 2018.


Recently Registered: We have not included those members who have registered within a two week period from 29th May.  This will give those recently registered users a chance to verify their email address.






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