Auto email update by text message process


Auto email update process

June 2018 Process update to dead-email text notifications


  1. When an Email Postmaster reply showing a permanent email error is received by Alert, this prompts a “Dead email notification” to be sent to the member on text via mobile number: 07537 432401

  2. User replies with new (or existing email)

  3. System identifies that the message is via 07537 432401 and from an identified user and contains an email address that is CURRENTLY SUSPENDED


4a) If the provided email is different: Replace email

Add in to account as a note (and on comms log) “Email reply received, account auto-updated with new email <email> and account reactivated”

System texts back and say “Thanks, your email has been updated”



4b) If is same as existing: Un-suspend

Add a note (and on comms log) “Email reply received, existing email confirmed as current: <email> and account reactivated”

Text back and say “Thanks, your email has been reactivated"



Rating auto update

If people tick “I want plain text email” when doing a rating, this will automatically update their account to “Compact email” and send a confirmation email.




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